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L2 STK Master Certification Prep Part 2 - Exercises 3 and 4
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM (US ET)
This class will cover the topics necessary to complete Exercises 3 and 4 of the L2 STK Master Certification Test. It will introduce you to the basic functionality of STK Coverage. It will also teach you how to add fidelity to your STK workspace through evaluating communication links and customizing analysis with Analysis Workbench. Specifically, you will learn how to:
  • Determine the percentage of Earth’s surface seen by satellite cameras in different orbits
  • Compute how often and how long that specific points on the Earth are seen
  • Create a phased array antenna and transmit data
  • Analyze and view signal to noise ratio
  • Use the Vector Geometry Tool to attach vectors and create angles
You will find this training useful if you are currently working on your L2 STK Master Certification and are stuck on something or if you are hoping to take it soon.
This class will not register you for the L2 STK Master Certification. Please register on your own at If you already registered for your L2 STK Certification and have not completed it but would like to, please contact for an extension.
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