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L3: GPS Reception, Interference, & Jamming
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (US ET)
Learn how to model GPS reception between GPS satellite transmitters and an aircraft GPS receiver. You will set up a training mission with a light aircraft flying a search pattern over mountainous terrain and determine how well the aircraft receives the GPS transmissions. We will also evaluate how hand-held GPS jammers affect the aircraft's reception of the GPS signal.This lesson will teach you how to:

  • use a local terrain file for analysis and situational awareness
  • use a rain model and atmospheric absorption model and see effect on RF in scenario
  • design a GPS receiver and use an antenna pattern
  • create a CommSystem object to determine interference and signal jamming
  • use a link budget to determine why GPS signal reception is usable or not and how rain, atmospheric, and system noise temperatures affect your analysis
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