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L1: Introduction to STK and STK Certification
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM (US ET)
Learn about STK and quickly get up-to-speed on the STK basics through this virtual training class. Whether you are familiar with STK or brand new to it, in 90 minutes you will learn how to get started, create a scenario, and compute line of sight, with constraints! You will also come out prepared to take L1 STK Certification.

Specifically, this class will teach you how to build an STK scenario to determine when you can see the ISS from your present location when it flies overhead within the next three weeks.

Follow along on your own computer as an instructor walks you through:
  • Interacting with the STK GUI
  • Inserting and modeling STK Objects
  • Analyzing intervisibility
  • Understanding limiting conditions such as lighting and elevation
This class is geared toward university students as fall career fair season kicks off virtually this year. While we would normally teach in person classes on site, we are hoping to provide the same learning experience from the comfort and safety of your own computer. However, even if you're not a student you are welcome to join us. We will be repeating this same class on different times and days to accommodate varying schedules and time zones.

AGI engineers will be online during class to answer questions. We will also have STK Cloud - a web-based version of STK - available to use if you do not have access to STK or do not have Windows.
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