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Event Name: L1 STK Certification Prep - STK Fundamentals
Location: Online
Date(s): Apr-25
Time: 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. (ET)
Price: Free
This class introduces the basic functionality of STK Free and focuses on the skills required to take and pass the Level 1: STK Certification. This class condenses the Level 1 Beginner tutorials found in the STK Help into one lesson. Through this lesson you will learn how to:
  • Use the Great Arc propagator
  • Create Place objects
  • Create custom reports and quick reports
  • Use Connect
  • Make a movie
Tips and tricks to help guide you through the certification will also be provided. You will find this training useful if you are currently working on your L1 STK certification and are stuck on something or if you are hoping to take it soon.
This class will not register you for the L1 STK Certification. Please register on your own at If you already registered for your L1 STK Certification and have not completed it but would like to, please contact for an extension.