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L3: Using Astrogator to plan a Rendezvous & Prox Ops Mission
12:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. (ET)
Learn how to build a rendezvous and proximity operations mission plan using STK Astrogator specialized sequences.

This class will cover how to:
  • Determine delta-v required for a prox mission
  • Allow for differential forces between the target and chase satellites
  • Perform either impulsive or finite maneuver calculations

A brief overview of Astrogator will be covered in this training. However, this is an advanced training class. We recommend having some familiarity with using Astrogator if you plan to follow along hands-on. If you need to refresh your Astrogator skills, review the Astrogator tutorials in the Help at

We recommend using STK 12.0.1 or newer for this class. We will have STK Cloud - a web-based version of STK - available to use if you do not have access to STK, can not upgrade to STK 12.0.1 or newer, or do not have Windows on your computer.
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