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L1: TETK Certification Prep (Part 2 of 2)
1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. (ET)
This class will cover the topics necessary to complete the L1 TETK Certification Test. Using the context of a naval aviation scenario you will learn:
Day 1
  • How TETK can improve efficiency and effectiveness of T&E activities across the Digital Mission Engineering (DME) and Digital Mission Operations (DMO) lifecycle
  • How to import external state data into TETK for analysis
  • How to generate TETK graphs, contours, and other visual artifacts to support data analysis
  • How to generate TETK flight segments and quicklooks
Day 2
  • How to import radar track data into TETK for analysis
  • How to conduct track-to-truth comparisons
  • How to analyze sensor effectiveness
  • How to generate vectors, data displays, and video overlays in TETK
This class is part two of the two part TETK Certification Prep training series.

To maximize your learning in this class it is recommend you have already completed your L1 STK Certification or you are at least comfortable with the concepts in the self-paced STK Level 1 training.

Tips and tricks to help guide you through the certification will be provided, as well as live engineering support so you can ask your questions in real-time.

TETK is a separate install from STK and needs to be installed for this class. Both STK and TETK can be downloaded and installed from STK Cloud will not be available for use during this series. You will need STK and TETK installed locally if you want to follow along hands-on. Please contact with any questions.

Please download the necessary files here:
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