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L2: **New Lesson** Designing an aircraft mission using STK and TETK
12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. (ET)
This training class will walk you through the design of an aircraft mission using STK and Test and Evaluation Tool Kit (TETK) while assessing the communication link to a known ground station. You will first create a simple aircraft route using STK’s 3D edit capability and explore the line of sight condition between the aircraft and the ground station. Mission complexity will then be added by adding in a field of view sensor and a transmitter/receiver pair. Various tweaks to the aircraft route and transmitter and receiver properties will need to be made in order to satisfy mission constraint conditions such as line of sight and link budget signal to noise ratio. You will also leverage capabilities provided by TETK’s Flight Analysis Tool (FAT) to more quickly assess predictive data and inform needed changes to the planned route.

Upon completion of this training class, you will understand how to:
  • Add basic objects to an STK scenario and edit their properties
  • Assess whether mission objectives will be met using predictive modeling
  • Leverage STK’s 3D edit capability to quickly develop/modify an aircraft route
  • Use the Access tool to compute line of sight and link budgets for communication devices
  • Utilize features of TETK’s Flight Analysis Tool (FAT) to better visualize and analyze data

Follow along on your computer as an instructor walks you through this advanced STK lesson. AGI engineers will be available during the session to answer your questions, live.

STK Cloud will NOT be available for use during this class so you will need to have STK installed locally if you want to follow along hands-on. You will receive a license file, valid for 14 days, when you register for the class. You will also need to install STK Enterprise, which includes TETK. You can download it from Please contact with any questions.